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Style Guide

Style Guide


The traditional style brief features a high rise waist while their modern counterpart, the hip brief, features a lower style that sits on the hips.  Both offering a high leg cut and full heat coverage, whichever style you choose it’s sure to provide support above all.


A boxer features a low leg cut, full seat coverage and a loose fit, making them ideal under loose fitting trousers and for men who seek freedom of movement above all.

Boxer Briefs

A boxer brief features a low leg cut (slightly higher than a boxer), full seat coverage and a close fit, making them ideal for men who seek the coverage of a boxer with the support of a brief and for men who see a sculpted lower silhouette.


Ideal for men who seek the fit of a boxer with less leg coverage, a trunk is a shorter version of a boxer brief.  Perfect for men who seek to reduce ride-up which they may experience when wearing boxer briefs.


Perfect undergarment for supporting your frontal package during athletic activity or other vigorous physical activity.  Also ideal for the urban male who wants to go commando but still needs a bit of support.






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